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For Solarge’s brand new production plant in Weert, we are looking for a new supply chain planner who will play a central role in managing inbound and outbound logistics.

Your responsibilities include forecasting, production planning, ordering components, and monitoring stock levels. You coordinate customer orders, plan deliveries, and liaise with suppliers, transporters, and internal teams. Your role ensures seamless communication between departments and meticulous administration of all logistics operations. With Solarge transitioning to a scale-up, you have a valuable opportunity to shape and optimize the entire supply chain while broadening your own skill set.


As a Supply Chain Planner at Solarge, you will have the opportunity to:

Ordering Management: You will be responsible for ordering all BOM components based on available supply agreements, ensuring timely procurement and availability of necessary materials.
Operational Procurement: Handling the procurement of production-related (wearable and consumables) as well as non-production-related items, facilitating seamless operations across various departments.
Supply Chain Coordination: Take the lead in weekly supply chain meetings where sales plans, maintenance plans, and production plans are aligned to optimize efficiency and resource utilization.
Forecast Updates: Providing regular forecast updates to suppliers, accompanied by clear explanations of the main drivers behind the updates, to maintain transparent communication and enable strategic planning.
Order Processing: Efficiently processing all purchase orders, production orders, and sales orders in MSBC (ERP) to streamline workflow and maintain accurate records.
Inventory Management: Managing Tier 2 and Tier 3 stock levels at select supplier locations to ensure adequate inventory levels and minimize disruptions in the supply chain.
Proactive Follow-up: Proactively monitoring orders, deliveries, and quality deviations, and taking necessary actions to resolve any issues promptly to maintain operational continuity.
Customer Order Management: Collaborating with the Sales team to process customer orders and determine delivery conditions, ensuring customer satisfaction and adherence to commitments.
Delivery Planning: Planning and coordinating deliveries to customers to meet their requirements and optimize delivery schedules.
Transportation Arrangements: Arranging transportation for incoming and outgoing goods to facilitate timely deliveries and minimize transportation costs.
Point of Contact: Serving as the primary point of contact for suppliers, transporters, customers, and internal stakeholders for all logistics matters, fostering effective communication and relationship management.
Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement: Identifying, analyzing, and resolving bottlenecks within the supply chain to contribute to the continuous improvement of supply chain processes, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.


The following experience and qualities are required as a Supply Chain Planner at Solarge

Qualifications: an HBO-level degree in logistics/business administration and possess 3+ years of experience in a supply position within a production company.
Language Proficiency: Exhibit excellent communication skills in both Dutch and English, verbally and in writing.
Structured Multitasking: Demonstrate the ability to work methodically and accurately in a multitasking environment.
Organizational Strength: Possess strong organizational and planning skills, adept at prioritizing tasks effectively.
System Proficiency: Easily navigate multiple systems such as MSBC, Excel, and Hubspot.
Collaborative Team Player: Actively seek collaboration with other departments, driven by a proactive “getting stuff done” mindset.
Service-Oriented Mindset: Prioritize service and continuously seek opportunities for improvement.
Stress Resistance: Comfortably handle stress and effectively manage unforeseen challenges in supply chain operations.

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact Robert Hoofwijk, Team Lead – LEAN HR. LEAN HR is conducting the recruitment and selection for the vacancy ofSupply Chain Planner for Solarge in Weert.

✉️ robert@leanhr.nl | 📞 +316 13 24 33 04

Learn more about Solarge

🌏 Solarge is on a mission towards a more sustainable future. On 22 May 2023, the brand-new plant in Weert was festively opened. Solarge’s solar panels are more than just a source of solar energy. They have a circular design which ensures that at ‘end-of-life’ the solar panels can be completely broken down into their separate parts and can be reused to make new solar panels. In addition, our solar panels do not use glass and aluminium, drastically reducing CO2 emissions during production. The panels were developed in close cooperation with Sabic. In the future, we see an opportunity to establish similar plants abroad.

👉 The current challenge for Solarge is scaling up from a pilot plant to volume production. We need to make sure the machines are running stably and the number of panels rejected is under one per hundred. Material costs make up 90 per cent of the cost of the product, so quality comes first, then speed!

👉With current production, a panel can roll off the belt every 90 seconds, and with a factory at full capacity, that goes up to every 30 seconds. Eventually, 800,000 panels will be made per year, accounting for 200 megawatts of renewable energy.

👉 More information:

Solarge - Bezoek Rob Jetten
Minister Rob Jetten bij de opening van Solarge



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